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About CAT HR Consulting

We had the pleasure of working with Catherine, a French lady who has been living in Singapore in the recent years. In her career as a manager and a HR people, she has met many of the joys and difficulties that a manager can encounter: the satisfaction when being a contributor for her people to develop themselves and get a new position, but also the difficulties to implement transformation in a company.

She wanted to make this experience a strength to support managers, leaders and Human Resources Directors to build the future of the company with the people, in a professional world that faces more and more intensive and quick transformations.

As a consultant coach, what drives her is helping HR, employees, managers and leaders to progress in their practices, to make them more efficient and more comfortable in their role. She also assists HR to identify and develop their talent pool, and prepare top managers of tomorrow. The expectations of new generations have changed, so managerial and leadership skills have to adapt also.

Project Scope

– Branding, including logo design from scratch
– Web Design & Development on WordPress
– Timeline: 3-4 months


The first step was to create a compelling brand identity that would let clients know what her business was all about. Catherine indicated that she liked bright colours and wanted to have the message of HR be subtly injected into the brand.

With her brief, this was the resultant brand guidelines:


Check out the live website here.

The brand design has also been featured on Design Rush. Click here to view the article and many other design resources.

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