Are you stacked and flooded with screenshots of QR codes at a networking event? There are moments in time when we meet a certain stranger, customer, client or potential connection where we could have made a lasting impression through a single touch of an informative card that represents our image and self. 

But – we don’t have it. We have a website, a page, Facebook, Instagram to give. But in a split second, do we really have time for that? Standing there in the middle of a street. Along the roadside. Outside a car. Outside a motorbike. In the carpark. In an elevator. In an inconvenient place where the internet is shitty and you are just there fumbling to open a note. 

But there is no time and chances are you got the spelling wrong. If only you could have just mindlessly pulled out a polished piece of yourself out of your wallet and handed to them without thinking.

Clutch addresses this problem by leveraging AI to deliver beautiful name cards to you. AI comes up with the ideas, Clutch does the rest.

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    Background Brands are always looking to engage with consumers. Traditionally, this is done using direct channels like mail, email, and native apps. Platforms like digital media and super apps act as a bridge between rands and customers too. But what if brands can go direct and own the customer relationship? This is where PAOCH comes…

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    How to Create a Key Visual: 5 Designer Tips

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