The Tapestry Project

The Tapestry Project SG is an independent, non-profit online publication that champions mental health education, empowerment and early intervention through firsthand personal stories and therapeutic narrative journaling.

This voluntary ground-up initiative is run by people with diverse lived experiences and hail from various backgrounds in the arts, community building, counseling, design, education, healthcare, marketing, media, peer support, psychology, research, social work, and training.

If you are:
– someone who has experienced mental health challenges,
– a family member or caregiver
– a healthcare professional,
– a friend, colleague or neighbour, or
– a person who wants to create a more inclusive, empathetic society
— their stories are written just for you.

The Tapestry Project’s mission and vision is:
– To inspire hope and to promote an inclusive, empathetic society that embraces persons with mental health struggles without shame or prejudice.
– To make mental health issues less abstract and more relatable by telling the stories behind our mental health statistics so as to encourage empathy and early intervention.
– To connect with, educate, and empower our readers through first-person narratives.


Web Design and Development
– Researching competitor websites
– Navigation diagram of the website
– Web design + 2 revisions
– Web development on WordPress + 2 revisions

– Brand audit
– Logo optimisation/redesign
– Brand guidelines (Colours, Typography, Logo)

– 15 mental health-related illustrations

Why “Tapestry”

The “tapestry” metaphor: The word “tapestry” refers to a piece of cloth-textured artwork crafted by weaving different pieces of thread together to form an image to be appreciated as a whole.

Symbolically, each thread uniquely represents a person’s life and their stories. When we gather our stories, be it personal experiences, professional insights, or ongoing community conversations, we connect with people who identify with us. We dignify our experiences through those shared story threads.

Our tapestry of stories interweaves the personal and professional, presenting a more holistic idea of what mental health education is and what recovery looks like from textured, nuanced perspectives.
Tapestry is a picture of a recovery-oriented community; a community bound together by the common thread of hope.

Brand Guidelines


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